Stephen King Confessions

Even though it is nothing like The Mangler, I’m still afraid of my washing machine.

i am aware that derry, maine doesn’t exist and even if it did, It has been vanquished…but i can’t pass an open sewer or be alone outside without that creeping fear.

I’m scared Doctor Sleep is never going to come out. And then I’m scared it’s going to suck.

I got a little turned on reading “The Man In The Black Suit”.

Under The Dome

I’ve always seen Dale Barbara as Jensen Ackles

I have never hated a character in a novel more than I hated Big Jim Rennie.

As an innocent 5 year old, watching “The It” left me extremely terrified of clowns. Even now as a 14 year old teenager it’s hard for me to glance down at the shower drain. 

I could never run a marathon. It would remind me too much of The Long Walk.